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Ten minute comedy plays featuring characters from Shakespeare, the Bible, Grimm's Fairy Tales as well as send ups of modern romantic relationships.



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Cindy & Julie

Cinderella and Juliet commiserate about romantic love, happily ever after and what went wrong with their marriages in this popular ten minute play.

3 women

The Audience

What seven audience members are thinking and talking about before and during a  play that some don't realize is only ten minutes long and in which one of the unseen actors suddenly takes off all his clothes.

4 Females
3 Males

Ten Pages

A young woman struggling to  write a ten minute play gets a visit from her unhelpful  muse, who for some reason turns out to be a man.

1 Female
1 Male


A married couple watch their younger selves meet for the first time while auditioning for parts in a play.

2 Females
2 Males

Happy Trails

An old prospector in seach of a lost gold mine wanders into a saloon where he engages in a flirtation with  Lulabelle, the local schoolmarm slash town floozy in a ten minute play that sends up the language and slow talking dialogue associated with old western movies.

1 male

The Understudy

A stage actress refuses to do a nude scene only to become insanely jealous when  the director continues the play with an imaginary and invisibile understudy who steals her thunder in this ten minute play.

1 female
2 males
1 male or female


What do women want is the subtext of this ten minute play as  a man, his wife and his mistress speak directly and only  to the audience  about their shifting wants, desires and complicated relationships.

1 man
2 women

In The Beginning

With a reptilian bartender acting as matchmaker, the future of the human race looks anything but promising when a sophisticated Eve meets the hunky but dim Adam over apple margaritas at the Garden of Eden Bar & Grill in this audience pleasing ten minute play.

2 men
1 woman

The Fan

Unlike most baseball fans who come to cheer the home team, L.A. fans look upon an evening at Dodger Stadium much like they do a cocktail party. Arrive late, be seen... leave early. Welcome to a typical seventh inning at Dodger Stadium with a fan you'll only meet in L.A.

3 men

Mirror, Mirror

"Sleeping Beauty" gets a 90210 facelift as the jealous stepmother takes drastic action when she finds she's been surpassed in the looks department by her stepdaughter in this funny one act play. Imagine the Kardashians dropped into the middle of this popular fairy tale.

3 men
2 women

Clark & Bruce

A couple of retired super heroes swap stories about their careers, the women in their life, aging, the proliferation of caped crusaders, fading powers and the value of never looking back.

2 men

GPS – An Auto Erotic Comedy

The sexy and suggestive computer voice of a high tech automobile becomes jealous of the new owner's girlfriend and threatens to destroy his life in this modern and very timely one act script. Imagine Siri run amock.

1 male
2 women (offstage voices)

Ring Tone  

An insecure and highly dramatic struggling actress, for whom all of life is a performance, gets a surprising lesson in life and love when she asks a perfect stranger to answer her cell phone to intercede with an ex-boyfriend she can't let go of in this ten minute comedy play.

1 woman
1 man

Under The Balcony

Shakespeare's famous balcony scene goes slightly askew when a fleeing Casanova shows up to turn Romeo from a lover to a seducer under Juliet's balcony.

2 males
1 female (offstage voice)

Hitting On Women 101

A man who claims to be inept around women seems to do quite well by telling them why he doesn't find them attractive in this very funny ten minute play.

2 women
1 man

Masochism Tango

Romance and commitment get turned inside out when two emotional masochists form a relationship based on mutual rejection.

1 woman
1 man