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Ten minutes plays about modern relationships, put upon super heroes, monsters and characters from Shakespeare and Grimm's Fairly Tales.
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     Play scripts are $10.

Cinderella and Juliet commiserate about romantic love, happily ever after and what went wrong with their marriages in this much performed ten minute play.

This ten minute play has roles for three women.

"...literary figures become intertwined in contemporary relationship dilemmas and the audience finds out what happened following the mistaken assertion "And they lived happily ever after." For instance, who would have guessed Prince Charming would lose interest when he found out that Cinderella's (Cindy's) stepmother wasn't really wicked, but was only portrayed as such to make her character sympathetic? Or that Romeo and Juliet were none other than a couple of rebellious teenagers? Writer Bruce Kane cleverly puts a modern spin on the old stories that make them less fairy tales and more every day life." Vermont Times

With a reptilian bartender acting as matchmaker, the future of the human race looks anything but promising when a sophisticated Eve meets the hunky but dim Adam over apple margaritas at the Garden of Eden Bar & Grill in this audience pleasing ten minute play.

Roles for two males and one female.


A man who claims to be inept around women successfully hits on them by telling them why he doesn't find them attractive in this very funny 10 minute play.

Roles for one man and two women.


A woman relives her most disastrous post divorce dates, who turn out to be actual monsters, while lying to an on line dating service in a short play featuring one woman and three men. This unusual piece is a tour do force for an actress who has all the lines.

Roles for one woman and three men. The male roles are non-speaking although two do grunt a lot.


What happens when an angry but sexy actress uses all of her whiles to enlist a befuddled stranger as a go between with her ex boyfriend and then invites the man home in this modern and funny one act play for one man and one woman.

This ten minute play has roles for one man and one woman.

Four friends participate in a dance of shifting romances, friendships and betrayals in this modern and edgy ten minute play.

Roles for two men and two women.

This play takes place within the fevered imagination of a man in a romantic crisis as he chooses between marriage or retreating into a fantasy relationship with a wish fulfillment bimbo. With a conjured representation of his trouble making ex-wife acting as ringmaster and reluctant conscience he finds dealing with the truth much harder than the fictions he's created.. An unusual and fast paced ten minute play for one man and three women.

An egotistical super hero has difficulty consummating a liaison with the sexy and eager wife of his super hero rival until he reveals his true identity in this laugh filled ten minute play.

Roles for one man and one woman.

A stage actress refuses to do a nude scene only to become insanely jealous when when the director continues the play with an imaginary and invisibile understudy who steals her thunder in this ten minute play for four characters.

Roles for one female, two males and one male or female.

Romance and commitment get turned inside out when two emotional masochists form a relationship based on mutual rejection.

Roles for one male and one female.

"In The Masochism Tango, playwright Bruce Kane twists and tortures clichés into a deliciously seductive dance – literally, a dance – in which a man and a woman can only find satisfaction by not being satisfied. Yeah, I know, it sounds preposterous (and it is), but the surreally logical script, director Bryan Rasmussen’s inventively physical staging, and J. Teddy Garces and Jossara Jinaro’s fiercely intense performances result in a fiercely funny ten minutes." Dan Berkowitz, L.A, Post


Ever wonder how those super hero movies make it to the big screen? This hilarious short play takes you behind the scenes as a sexy, tough talking female superhero with a chip on her shoulder negotiates the sale of her life story to the movies.

Roles for one female and one male.


It's a matter of trust betrayed when an open marriage almost collapses over the husband's revelation that he's never been unfaithful in this topsy turvy ten minute play.

This ten minute play has roles for one female and one male.


A wife and a mistress want what the other has... until they get it in this unusual ten minute play in which the characters only address the audience and not each other.

Roles for one male and two females.


This comedy is about two people, fresh out of therapy, who believe they’ve gone through a life changing metamorphosis that has made them open to new worlds and new experiences until, of course, he makes an assumption about her willingness to take the relationship to the next level and everything dissolves into recrimination and hostility.

Roles for one man and one woman